Monday and it’s work again. #bored At least the cute cats are here to sympathize.            

I really like cats. I know they’re so cute and funny, and everything, but just now I stumbled upon a site that says, “Sometimes cats are also beards.” WTF? Cats are Beards. *Processing…* What was that again? (?_?) Then I clicked it and I was like, “That is so freaking cute!” @_@ Oh, I miss my […]

It’s rainy and cold so I skipped my diet and ate burger with fries and got home very late. I felt bad. -.- OMG! I feel fat already! Oh well, I’ll just burn more calories tomorrow. And for those who are cold like me, get your kitties and give them a hug. ;3     […]

*Yawns* Good morning everyone.  ~_~ I’m still sleepy and overslept again. *Rushes to the bathroom* My work’s at 8AM. I woke up at 6:25AM. Told myself to sleep more for 5minutes and start my stuff at 6:30AM. The next time I opened my eyes, it’s 8:30AM already! Mondays are probably the most boring day for […]

Caturday! I just made up the licking day. *points to Garfield* probably he’ll get angry on me for making up things. Anyway… Yay! No work for me. I just went to a relative’s birthday party. They have lots of animals in their house. And the most adorable is the Black Cat with a very fluffy […]

I was so bored that I looked up some crazy cat pictures on the internet and found a hilarious cat pose. Pretty funny. Can’t stop laughing when my colleagues saw it.    

Apparently, some cats are not contended on how they look. So they made up their minds to copy one celebrity cat, Hello Kitty.     Hi guys and gals, I’m sharing here my friend’s product:  

Christmas is always lively especially here. Therefore I put a twist on our Funny Cat site. A holiday season full of Santa Cats! @_@ I want to hug them tight literally.                  

Sometimes cats are so addicted to catnip that they tend to lose control on themselves and do crazy funny stuff. I just lol’ed when I saw these.                  

Happy Easter Folks! ;3 funny easter bunnies

It is quite neat to capture these cat moments. I am thankful for all those who shares these moments with us.

No more lonely Christmas with these cats on your window pane.            

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